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I am an attorney practicing law in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A., the "Elm City," home of Yale University and some of the best pizza in New England. Since October, 2009, I have had the good fortune to practice law with two other good friends and attorneys, as the firm of "Davis O'Sullivan & Priest LLC."  Most of my work involves helping people with estate planning (wills and trusts), elder law problems (Medicaid and Medicare, living wills, conservatorships -- other than contested proceedings), disability issues (trusts for disabled individuals, entitlements), and probate; and helping nonprofit organizations with general tax and corporate problems, including fundraising through deferred giving.  My partners do this too, and also help with residential real estate transactions; income, estate tax, gift tax, and fiduciary income tax return preparation; and estate and trust administration.  I am the "geek" among us, even if at this point my technique is a little dated -- and have been running this site for 17 years, so for better or for worse, my site provides the web-based educational resources of our firm.

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The following is a list of most of the law-related webpages and other articles on this site.

Information Pages and Articles for general readers:

    Planning for the Elderly - introduction
         Why a "Medicaid Specialist" Isn't Enough
         "Protecting Assets" (Against the Cost of Long-Term Care)
        "What if I Give It All Away?" Medicaid Transfer Rules
        Medicaid for Married Couples
          What You Still Have to Do After Applying
: applied income

         "How to Spend Down":  Getting Ready for Medicaid in CT

         Exempt Assets:  What You Get to Keep on Medicaid

      CLICK for a FULL LIST of articles dealing with the elderly

    Planning for Those with Special Needs - introduction
         How Should the Family of a Disabled Individual
             Design an Estate Plan?  Part I / Part II

       Planning [for the elderly] with transfers
              for the disabled
        CLICK for FULL INDEX of special needs articles

    Living Trusts - introduction
Estate and Tax Planning - introduction
         When Somebody Dies in CT: PAPERWORK

         Do You Need a Bypass?
        Living With a Bypass Trust
        The Med-Ed Gift Tax Exemption
        How to Administer a Life Insurance Trust
        Second-to-Die Life Insurance:  A Primer 

   Tax-Exempt Organizations - introduction
         Sure You Want to... Set up a 501c3?
        10 Steps to Set Up a Tax-Exempt
             Organization in Connecticut

         Compliance List for "501(c)(3)"
           Corporations in Connecticut
           CLICK for FULL LIST of non-profit articles

    Legal Links Pages

    Elder Law Links (for Professionals)
    Elder Law Links for Consumers
    Disability Law Links
    Find a Social Security Disability attorney
    Nonprofit Organization Law Links
    Join CT Elder Law Discussion Group

   Articles for Professionals:

    Paying for Staying at Home:  Reverse Mortgages
    Keeping the Promise of Section 529 a Reality
   How to Stay out of Trouble Under the
       Excess Benefit Rules (PDF)
   Liabilities of Officers and Directors of Connecticut
       nonprofit corporations
   Remember Your Fractions: The Public Support Test


       Check "The Elder Law Answer Book,
       Third Edition," by Robert Fleming
       and Lisa Nachmias Davis (Aspen 2009)
       available with annual updates from Wolters
(we don't set the prices)

This site was first created in 1997 by a kind and generous friend and is updated by me for the general informational use of the public. Writing to me does not create an attorney-client relationship; I can only provide general information, and will not provide advice about a particular case without a formal engagement.

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