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"PDF" requires use of
free Adobe Acrobat -
CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR TO SUPPORT CONTINUED RESTORATION OF FUNDING FOR MEDICARE SAVINGS PLANS and TO OVERRIDE ANY VETO BY THE GOVERNOR! - OTHERWISE AS OF 7/1/18 QMB ELIGIBILITY IS 100% OF POVERTY +$20 ($1025) AND EVEN ALIMB IS 135% OF POVERTY + $20 (1,376.75) WARN CLIENTS!! For individuals who qualify as "disabled," "working disabled" (SO5) is one option, using a "pooled trust" to reduce income other options. Link to DSS Notice, Legal Services Response re: MSP, Legal Services Response re: Husky A
POA update: (1) old forms no good after 10/1/16; (2) eff 7/1/17 new forms have "durable" in the title; (3) new or clarified responsibilities eff. 7/1/16 and then more 7/1/17. See PA 15-240 adopting the Uniform Power of Attorney Act MODIFIED BY PA 16-40 and MODIFIED by PA 17-91. N.B. for CBA and and FURTHER CATIC forms (through 2016), CBA members click here.
New probate fees eff. 1/1/16 - $40,000 cap, 0.5% on excess over $2 M. Link to computation of fees using new tables (official or mine); note that most conservatorship petition fees are now $225 except $150 to request release of funds from restricted account. Other important probate links: Probate Practice Book (PDF) ,site, fees, FORMS, manuals / attorney guide (note that forms are updated QUARTERLY so always check!!).
Update on regulations/UPM proposed to implement 2005 DRA (PDFs)
- Notice of Decision, Response to Comments, Response with Exhibits (consisting of CMS responses to DSS and to Memo re: other states)
- 72 PDF "
Revised" proposed changes to UPM -- pages, 3.5 mb
Note: For EASY USE:see
The LAW: see DRA showing updates to prior law plus amendment.
Proposed changes to federal nursing home regulations published 7/1/16. 2017 update: some of these reglations have been STAYED -- stay tuned.
No estate recovery in CT for Husky D (low income adult) Medicaid after 1/1/14, except for nursing home residents/those receiving services under a waiver. PA 14-217, Sec. 67. Note: Husky D does not cover waiver services. B
Lopes v. Commissioner (2d Cir. 2012): spousal annuities permitted / not counted as resources! (PDF) See also DSS implementing email also see other emails. ALSO USEFUL: DHHS amicus brief (PDF)
PIB 12-02 (PDF) 2012 DSS Transmittal re: VERIFICATION in processing apps.
POOLED TRUST "program information bulletin" 4/15/09 (PDF)

Note:  This information is maintained to benefit the elderly in Connecticut and nationwide by providing a resource to attorneys, caregivers, and others assisting the elderly.  However, accuracy and currency are not guaranteed. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Please report changes, errors, and suggestions to
Lisa Davis. Thanks.

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DSS Applications and Planning Tools
Key Numbers
Federal Statutes Pending federal legislation Federal regulations and policy Federal Taxes Federal Courts and Cases State Statutes Pending state legislation State regulations and policy State
State Courts
and Cases

(DSS forms are in large PDF files due to shading)
NOTE: DSS is putting more forms on its website, although not usually in fillable form.
Check the DSS Publications Page - Applications to be sure the form below is the current version and to check for newer forms. Finally-- DSS now has online ordering for forms. ALSO: you can in theory apply for LTC online.
If a member of CT NAELA -- check the
Forms page (login first) (sorry, must join NAELA + CTNAELA)
DSS memoranda and other communications
Non-Long Term Care Application W-1E (rev 2013). The W-1 has disappeared.
Long-Term Care medicaid application W-1LTC (2013, replaces W-1F)
NOTE: Submit to one of 3 regional offices; for home care submit to Hartford. Provide as much documentation as possible.
READ MEMO. For redeterminations and for state supp. apps (residential care homes) still send to DSS Scanning Center, PO Box 1320, Manchester CT 06045-9968. If mailing LTC app to theregions, send certified mail and follow up!
Spousal Assessment W-1-SA (fill-in form thanks to Steve Keogh)
W-1487 CHCPE Home Care request form - link to DSS site (can also apply online
W-1540 and other ANNUITY FORMS (thanks Joe Cipparone)
Ascend "level of care" determination form (thanks Joelen Gates) or online PDF
W-168 Verification List (PDF)
W-1685 (rev 3/05) (fillable PDF)
W-858 (legally liable relative form) (PDF)
DSS "caretaker child" transfer of assets inquiry/response - SAMPLE (PDF)
Disability determination forms
W-300T19 no longer needed for pooled trusts for those over 65-- see DSS email - also see sample form to use instead for pooled trusts.
You must be a member of PLAN to use their forms.
Write me if you want to see the forms.
W-1QMB (new 2010 QMB application form -- made fillable by me (PDF) or CHECK DSS site version - mail to scanning center, DSS ConneCT Scanning Center, PO Box 1320, Manchester, CT 06045-1320
W-1ER (recertification form) FILLABLE courtesy of Michele Ann Palulis - thanks NOTE THAT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, redeterminations must be mailed not faxed, to: DSS Scanning Center, PO Box 1320, Manchester CT 06045-9968. link to DSS version. If you don't respond at least 10-15 days BEFORE end of month you will still get a notice that you are being terminated even if they receive the materials on time.
W-982 PCA-Waiver Request Form (made fillable, PDF) SEE: Pilot Guidelines (MS Word)
W-1130 ABI Waiver Request Form (made fillable, PDF) or DSS W-1130
CHCPD (CT Home care for disabled) application (remember, only 100 slots all filled) (only for those not eligible for medicaid)
W-979 Money Follows the Person Request Form (2009 form, PDF) or ONLINE APPLICATION for Money Follows the person -it would appear online is now the way to go.
CONNECT page to create account and apply online for everything.

ALLIED -- PCA /ABI provider application and other forms for those on this program
Rev. 1/7/18 Compute CSPA spreadsheet in Excel OR use online (INTERACTIVE) OR if the interactive doesn't work or you use Firefox, try the online-noi link. (don't forget "Family allowance" if applicant has a minor child -- computation not included!. UPDATE FIGURES!
Compute value of Life Use spreadsheet in Excel 97(to age 100) (see also DSS table - PDF)
Deb Tedford's "formula" for computing prudent gifting during look-back period.
Excel or MS Word 2000 downloads. (BUT SEE transferee liability provisions)

An historical footnote:
DSS chart of AMCC and CSPA amounts from 1/91 to 7/08
: PDF files are LARGE and slow; you may need to reboot / free up memory to view/print
: spreadsheets should be DOWNLOADED and opened in Excel, formatting is lost if "viewed" with a plug-in. Right-click to "save" to hard-drive

NOTE: (1)
VA forms/info are below; (2) Social Security Administration forms/info are below


  Eff 1/1/2016 Eff 1/1/2017
(some info not available until 3/2017)
Max CSPA (w/o hearing) $119,220 $120,900
Min CSPA  $23,844 $24,180
Max MMNA (w/o hearing) $2,980.50/mo $3,022.50/mo
Max home equity exemption if home not occupied by spouse or disabled or minor child $828,000 $840,000
Income cap for home care/AABD (need pooled trust if more income than cap) (3 x SSI) $2,199 $2,205
CHCPE Personal Needs Allowance (200% FPL for 1) $1980 $2010
  Eff. 7/1/2016  Eff 7/1/2017
"Average Monthly Cost of Care" penalty $12,388 $12,604
Min MMNA (150% of FPL for 2)*
(*UPM implies changed 1/1)
2,002.50 $2,030
Shelter (30% of Min MMNA number)*
(*UPM implies changed 1/1)
$600.75 $609.00
Utility allowance ("SUA") (changes in October) - link to latest # $698 eff10/1/16 $728 eff 10/1/17
SNF Personal Needs Allowance $60 $60
Other Transfer Penalties ($ = 1 mo)   Eff 1/1/16          Eff 1/1/2017
State Supp. (no cap; 24 month look-back) $500 $500
SSI (36-month cap; 36 month look-back)
(maximum benefit amount)
$733 alone, $488.67 at home $735 living alone
$490 at home
Food stamps or "SNAP" (see chart)
max 1 year max 1 year: no asset
test unless income >
300% poverty
so no transfer penalties

QMB entitles recipient to Medicare D (Rx) prescription help too. NO ASSET LIMIT, NO ESTATE RECOVERY. Click for income limits for QMB eligibility (scroll down the FAQ) - for 2017, single/couple, it is QMB $2,120.55/$2,854.83, for SLMB $2,321.55/3,125.43; for ALIMB $2,472.30/3,328.38.CAUTION, PROPOSED GOVERNOR'S BUDGET WILL REDUCE INCOME LIMIT FOR QMB. For Part D, click for list of "benchmark plans" premium covered by DSS - 2012 (sorry) (PDF).
Home Care Program Limits in generall: State-funded (9% copay) limit on assets 1/1/17: $36,270/single, $48,360/couple. CHCPE Cat. 3 (Medicaid waiver) income cap: $2,205 (300% SSI, 1/1/17); if exceed cap, may be able to qualify using pooled trust for excess income. Income contribution required of income over $2010 (figure based on 200%
FPL for 2017) See also:; DSS chart (updated to 3/1/17)

Lisa Davis simplified "updates" of Kate McEvoy Public Initiatives document (2017):
VA Benefit limits: See
VA llist of current "improved pension" amounts (scroll down to A&A for veteran wiith or without dependents) and list of amounts for widows/widowers
In general: Direct link to
public benefits or Health Care programs summaries. See also Federal Poverty Levels. Also Useful: Ct Partnership "long-term care in CT" rates (change year in the urL to get current year). Also DSS Medicaid waiver fact sheet.
Legal Services organizations' eligibility limits (estimated) (to be updated)
AABD/State Supp (pays residential care homes):
2017 disregards: $339 community, $246.70 for licensed boarding facility (RCH); sharing with nonrelative, $406.90 (last one is est.). Cap $2205, VA aid and attendance excluded. NOTE there is an issue about whether entire pension is excluded, or only the "aid and attendance" enhancement. For explanation how this works, see 2012 article on AABD (PDF) and use new figures, or check Lisa Davis Public Initiatives.;

Since I have space here -- DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE



FEDERAL STATUTES In general: try FDSys (federal digital system)
Search Findlaw's US Code (USE CAUTION - not always current)
Search House of Rep's US Code (gives the date)
Cornell's US Code
Popular Name Table
U.S. Code Title 42, Cornell U. version.
View online entire Social Security Act (current to 3/4/13, showin in footer) with changes to date (well it was "to date" when posted!)
1382b (Assets; part of SSI law)
   1396r (Nursing Homes)
   1396p (Liens and transfers)
   1396k (Assignment of rights)
   1396r-5 (MCCA)
   Title XVIII (Medicare)
Relevant portions of the
ABLE Act (I deleted the extraneous) (PDF)
Medicaid laws AS AMENDED by Deficit Reduction Act - with annotations by the fabulous Tim Takacs (42 USC 1396p-r) (PDF)
VA benefits: Title 38 in general
Older Americans Act 42 U.S.C. 3001 et seq. (current to 1/1/06); see Older Americans Act Amendments of 2006 (PDF) and Older Americans Reauthorization Technical Corrections Act of 2007 (PDF).

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (unofficial consolidated version prepared by House Office of Legislative Counsel) -- as long as we still have it.......

STATE STATUTES (tax statutes are below under taxes)
Connecticut General Statutes 2017 compilation
(Check for updates in even-number years - revised every 2 years)

Search statutes - or search Public Acts 
On-line from the statutory compilation:
1-42 et seq. (Short Form Durable Power of Attorney) (2017 version)
1-42 et seq. (OLD Short Form Durable Power of Attorney) (2014 version) (included for purposes of construcing older documents)
4a-16 (administration of estates of medicaid recipients by DSS)
Title 12 (Taxes)
Title 45a (Probate) including 45a-486 (trustbusting)
Conservatorship statutes -- see also Uniform Adult Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act,
Title 17b (Social Services  
17b-91(f) burial contract
17b-95 estate recovery (DON'T FORGET, federal law preempts! see also 17b-91(e)
17b-451 Elder Abuse, but see updates in PA 15-236
Title 19a (Public Health)
19a-533 (waiting list rule)
19a-535 (transfer and discharge) SEE: PA 11-236 - changes discharge / transfer rules
19a-550 (patient's bill of rights)
19a-570 et seq (Living Wills)

historical compilation of
Important Public Acts (in addition to those below)
PA 07-02 severely limiting "spousal refusal"; regulating assisted living facilities
PA 09-73 (PDF) permitting residents of RCH to transfer income over the AABD income cap into pooled trust accounts in order to be eligible for AABD
PA 10-73 - Sec. 1 NOW REPEALED by PA 11-44 eff 7/1/11 (sec. 178) iincreased community spouse protected amount to "maximum"; Sec. 2 deals with treatment of reverse mortgages, not repealed, but doesn't appear in UPM
PA 11-176 - Undue Hardship
PA 11-236 - changes to nursing home discharge / transfer rules
PA 12-208 VA aid & attendance income disregarded for purposes of Medicaid and others
PA 13-218 on the partial return of a gift.
PA 13-234 Secs. 127-130: transferee liability to nursing homes; applied income failure-to-pay liability; no ineligibility if pursuing surrender of $10,000 or less life insurance policy
PA 15-80 implementing the ABLE Act
PA 15-236 updating the elder abuse statutes.
PA 15-240 adopting the Uniform Power of Attorney Act MODIFIED BY PA 16-40.

"Thomas," Library of Congress (status of pending federal legislation)
Congressional Record (set to 110th session,2nd-- 2008 -- but you can see others)

Information on reauthorization of Older Americans Act (including text of relevant provisions) prepared by Center for Social Gerontology)

General Assembly page (quick click HERE for status of pending legislation).
List of Public Acts relating to elder law eff. 7/1/17
P.A. 17-7, An Act Concerning Conservator Accountability
P.A. 17-91, AAC Adopting the CT Uniform Recognition of Substitute Decision-Making Documents Act and revision the CT UPOAA.
PA 17-146, revision public health statutes -- see sec. 6 re: DNRs

Federal Register or "public" Federal Register
Code of Federal Regulations official site, so you can check versions in effect in different years.
alternate: "
e-cfr" which is updated currently
Social Security Regulations (browsable) (current to 4/1/2008)
Title 42 (search or browse) (ecfr)
Part 409 (Medicare Part A / nursing home care) 
Part 431 or Part 431 (Fair Hearings) 
Part 435 or Part 435 (Medicaid Eligibility)
Part 483 or Part 483 (nursing home requirements)

Social Security Handbook
Social Security Rulings
Social Security POMS (Programs Operations Manual System) - searchable
Recent Changes to POMS page (Transmittals, etc.)
Life estate and remainder tables
life expectancy tables ( (for annuities)
SSA Memos and Transmittals of Interest
SS Policy Interpretation re: disability over age 65, 68 Fed. Reg. 63833
Social Security Forms, downloadable
Claimant representatives' page
List of "compassionate allowances" (fast track for Social Security disability)
Search engine for listing of reported deaths (from
2018 Social Security changes list (for following years, change the year in the URL) (PDF)

CMS Letters and Informational Bulletins
State Medicaid Manual (Publication 45) - download chapters as zip files: or
Transmittal 64 provisions (online) (CAUTION: not necessarily followed by CT Department of Social Services; 2/2006: may be superceded by portions of Deficit Reduction Act)
CMS List of CT waivers, with numbers
Medicare page
CMS manuals - links to the new internet-only stuff but also has the current "paper" manuals for download as zip files as part of the Provider Reimbusement Manual Part 2 -- look at individual chapters.
Hospital Provider Manual (zip)
SNF manual (zip)
HHA manual (zip)
Beneficiary Notices

Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (use Form N565 for proof of immigrant status/naturalization -- $345 fee (2015))

Proposed VA regulation (PDF) or text 1/23/15 proposing transfer of asset penalties
Title 38,
38 USC Chapter 3; 38 CFR Sec. 3 -- see 38 CFR sec.3.271(d) for fractional ownership rule (it's an income section of the CFR but is referred to in the "net worth" section); see 38 CFR sec. 3.276 regarding transfers, and the implications for trusts.
38 CFR 3.351 = aid & attendance
VA Fast Letter 12-23 (PDF) re: "deductibility" of room & board if NOT in assisted living facility
Sharon Pope 2009 summary. (PDF)
The VA's UPM: M21-1MR Compensation and Pension Manual Rewrite, Veterans Benefits Administration References, Web Automated Reference Material System (WARMS) - Part 1, basic rules; Part 5
General Counsel Opinions (precedential) including opinion re: special needs trusts (.doc file)
National Cemetery Administration --
VA burial benefits
VA forms page -- direct link to authorization form to disclose info to 3rd party (PDF)
VA list of current "improved pension" amounts for veterans (scroll down to A&A with 1/no dependents) and list of amounts for widows/widowers (again scroll down) (shows annual only)
VA health benefits reference library -- list of publications
You can
apply online: set your date, then get your info, then file within a year of establishing date.
See Proposed VA regulation (PDF) or text proposing transfer of asset penalties for A&A benefits

see also: Selected DSS memoranda and other communications.
see also: 1972 State Medical Assistance Plan, (PDF) courtesy of Judy Hoberman - huge (13 mb) file


   Index to
CT Uniform Policy Manual (for convenience)
   simpler 8/2017
online UPM version that is easier to search!!!! thanks wayback machine!! or: CURRENT online UPM, infuriatingly difficult to use (although mobile-friendly version)
   Most recent update on regulations/UPM proposed to implement 2005 DRA (
PDFs): - Notice of Decision, - Response to Comments, - Memo re: Response with Exhibits (consisting of CMS responses to DSS and to other states)
ALSO: - 72 pages, 3.5 mb PDF
Revised proposed changes to UPM --

DSS TRANSMITTAL UP 92-22 (PDF) -transmittal relating to CT Partnership policies
  (NOTE: due to quality, UP 92-22 is a large download)
    Working Disabled ("SO-5") provisions 2540.85 -- see Comptroller opinion 94-9a explaining that sheltered workshops do not qualify as "employment" -- this is relied upon by DSS in determining SO5 eligibility
TRUST provisions 4030.80 in PDF
Life Use Computation Tables to age 100 (DSS Norwalk -- PDF file)
CMS List of CT waivers, with numbers (CT waivers are on page 3) including ABI and DDS ("comprehensive supports"); the links here are to the applications, previously downloaded, but has the approval documents
PCA Pilot Guidelines (MS Word; Issued summer 2010)

DSS Bulletin on Medicaid for Low-Income Adults (PDF) and  INTERNAL MEMO/FAQ on Low-Income Medicaid (Husky D). (Thanks to Barbara Reynolds!) (note: after 1/2014 may not apply as Affordable Care Act provisions regarding MAGI etc. prevail)
  Transmittal 06-14
Spousal refusal changes to deeming rules (PDF)

   Kate McEvoy "
Public Initiatives" booklet (PDF) (current to 2012)
Lisa Davis simplified "updates" of Kate's document (October 2013)
  Sharon Pope
summary on VA Aid & Attendance (PDF) - 1/09
  My article,
Connecticut's "State Supp" (AABD) Benefit - (PDF) 2012, see new disregards
Hoberman/Shedd article on Holocaust reparations
- OLR report (2005) summarizing
Home Care waivers overall (#276)
- OLR report (2005) summarizing
elderly home care (#328)

DSS chart on all levels of home care programs.

DSS memoranda and other communications
AG's "
dire warning" on so-called "Medicaid annuities." Note, this was "updated" in 2009 -- post-DRA.
PIB 12-02 (PDF) 2012 DSS Transmittal re: VERIFICATION in processing apps.
program information bulletin" 4/15/09 (PDF)
Lopes decision
DSS implementing email

Public Health Code and regulations summaries on nursing home law
CMS State Operations Manual "Surveyor's Guidelines" (PDF)
Don't forget to read PA 11-236 - changes to nursing home discharge / transfer rules
Eric Carlson's 20 Common Nursing Home Problems and How to Resolve Them (free to download the PDF, but not to duplicate), an update of Eric Carlson's "15 Lies" (PDF) Also available: NCCNHR (The Consumer voice) fact sheets.
summary of law prohibiting discharge pending review of Medicaid application

DSS Medicaid-rate spreadsheet for nursing homes (2013-2014) (PDF)
DSS state-rate spreadsheet for residential care homes (2014l) (Excel)
Index to Public Health Department book on nursing homes (PDF)
Entire book on nursing homes (PDF) - no longer available in hard copy!!!
: you can check a particular facility's licensure or check for updates at "ct.clic" which checks licensures.
CT Partnership
Cost of long-term care rates of various kinds; change year in URL for current year. DSS uses these rates for caregiver contracts.

FEDERAL TAXES (check also)
Internal Revenue Code (Cornell U.) (see H. Rep. list of updates)
Tax Regulations (e-cfr)
IRS Forms and Publications -- most can now be filled in AND SAVED
Prior year IRS Forms - searchable database of ALL online tax resources
Internal Revenue Manual - latest IRS letter rulings
New Fax Number/address for applying for an EIN (eff. 1/4/2002) ... OR ...
GET EIN ONLINE!!! Click and carefully go through the questions.
Call (866) 699-4083 for status of estate and gift tax returns.
Call priority phone # for professionals 1-866-860-4259 or see hotline list
IRS charts on IRA minimum distributions (PDF)
Noel Ice's analysis of retirement distribution regs. (I recommend you read the hyperlinked version and skip the PDF)
2001 Tax Reform Act exemption changes
Fabulous Orr & Reno table summarizing ALL EGTRRA tax changes
EGTRRA on Thomas (PL 107-16) (you may have to "search" again) or PDF
AFRs of all kinds on Pa. lawyer Dan Evan's site - also 7520 rates
H.R. 4853 or in PDF or Congressional summary of key provisions

NOTE: See handy chart with 50 state death tax info (McGuire Woods, kudos!)


CT tax statutes (current to 1/1/2017 only -- CHECK FOR UPDATES IN THE CURRENT LEGISLATIVE SESSION.

Quick PDF table on
CT estate tax rates CURRENT 2015
Excel spreadsheet for quick computation of CT Estate Tax (L Davis) (current, 2014)

DRS current year
CT 706 and CT 706-NT; prior years - generally fillable if you wait.

DRS on-line income-tax calculator (2014)
Department of Revenue Services Forms
DRS Regulations
DRS compilation of estate income/succession tax regulations (obs)

For prior years: Succession Tax forms and Wiggin & Dana article on the phase-out;
Also re: pre-2005 gifts:
Gift Tax Forms and information

great alternative:
US Supreme Court Cases 1937-1975 (vols 300-422) fedworld) (search page)
United States Courts Opinions website (2005-present, all courts)
Second Circuit (Findlaw - 1995-present) or official site: 2007-now
District of Connecticut Opinions (selected; since 1999)
District of CT rules and orders (incuding links to federal rules of evidence and civ. pro.)
Selected "key cases"
Casemaker" research (log in as a CBA member first) (has D.Conn. cases)

Probate Court site (list of fees; dowload forms in PDF)
Probate Court Clerk's manual updated to 12/2014 (thanks, Andrew Knott)
Practitioners: I recommend you subscribe to the
Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal, which publishes CT probate court decisions of note as well as some from other states, articles, etc.
Write to Probate Court Administration for a booklet of probate courts and phone numbers.
list of courts by town (not PDF)
Probate Court forms (NEW fillable PDF forms available!)
  FEES: CGS 45a-107
Probate Court administration fee computation tool
Excel Spreadsheet to compute probate fees for those dying before 1/1/15
Excel Spreadsheet to compute probate fees (current rates) (shows breakdown of fee brackets)
Probate Court Administration memo summarizing new interest on probate fees
Link to probate "user guides."
Opinions of CT Supreme and Appellate Courts (PDF) since July, 2000.
Selected "key cases" for CT attys - elder and special needs law (with links)
Asset Protection Book" website page of CT cases and laws (2010)
--- see
handy chart of federal/state bankruptcy protections (2011)
Casemaker" research (log in as a CBA member first)
Judicial department "case lookup" website where you can check status of cases, read memoranda in cases pending and concluded and you can follow developments in pending cases too.
CT Practice Book (PDF)- ethics opinions now ONLY on Casemaker

CONNECTICUT ELDER LAW RESOURCES                                                                                             Return to Page Index
   (in alphabetical order)

Agency on Aging of South Central CT The site includes Information about the many programs the Agency provides, including the home care program.
CT Bar Association Elder Law Section This page was originally the Section's "links page." Highly recommended: join the CT Bar Association and the Elder Law Section. You will have access to CaseMaker, online legal research, as well as many other resources. For those logged in as members you can somehow find your way to the Groyu Pages including Advocacy information, Meetings and Materials, Educational resources and Links.
CT Chapter of NAELA CT NAELA has grown since its formation a few years ago. The website will soon include (probably for members only) copies of fair hearing decisions as well as many other useful resources. Click for news. "Find an elder law attorney" will bring up a list of members.

CT Department of Administrative Services

This is where you go to find out what is the lien with respect to Medicaid or other benefits, payable upon receipt of an inheritance or personal injury settlement. For liens repaid during lifetime (e.g. on the home), contact DSS. However, for liens relating to care in a state psychiatric institution, contact Tony Nunes at DAS. You can write or fax to: but better is to call first and get someone's NAME and then fax. Fax a release as well. Address: 165 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106. Bureau of Collection Services: (860) 713-5400. Fax # (860) 713-7408

CT Department of Developmental Services DDS (formerly DMR) site --- not so much "elder law" as special needs (of which more information on Updated with a lot more information and links to programs and even the DDS services manual.
CT Department of Revenue Services DRS site has links to forms and a lot of other stuff -- click here for the links above on this page.
CT Department of Social Services -
Aging Services Division

Don't forget to check

New statewide number: 855-626-6632. eff. 7/8/13. DSS site Includes telephone and e-mail directories (including Protective Services) (click for MY download of DSS Protective Services brochure in PDF); detailed information on programs for seniors and those with disabilities, the Department's Aging Services Manual, available online, aging services publications, (including the "periodical" Age Matters), explanation of the State Supplement program (but without the eligibility numbers, alas), and other publications. Has locations of field offices but don't file for long-term care there -- click on APPLICATIONS page for address / fax #. The DSS publication "Long-Term Care Issues and Medicaid" is only current to 1/1/2012 and presumably not getting updated; it's NOT on the elderly services division publications page. For eligibility for Medicaid whether Husky A, B, or C (traditional) or D (low income) you need to go to And write to/call Barbara Wilson or call her at 860-424-5814 for a fax of the up-to-date list of assisted living facilities participating in the pilot Medicaid program covering assisted living OR to get on the waiting list (about 1- 1 1/2 years)
PROTECTIVE SERVICES: To report cases of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation, call the toll-free In State referral line at 1-888-385-4225, Out of State call Infoline at 1-800-203-1234. After Hours Elder Abuse Emergencies, In State call Infoline at 211, Out of State call Infoline at 1-800-203-1234. (I'm tired of the State changing the location for this information on its website!)
The Connecticut Elder Law website ( Consumer-oriented site on Connecticut Elder Law topics.  Maintained by Connecticut Legal Services with support from the ABA, the Eastern Connecticut Area Agency on Aging and the CHOICES program. Direct link to Legal Services Network pamphlets for consumers. Direct link to Goverment Benefit Information page without frame.
CT Hospice Includes information on inpatient and home care hospice services.
CT Office of the Health Care Advocate "The office focuses on: assisting consumers to make informed decisions when selecting a health plan; assisting consumers in resolving problems with their health plans, and; identifying and advocating on issues, trends and problems that may require executive, regulatory or legislative intervention." Access: 1-866-HMO-4446, FAX: (860) 297-3992
CT Insurance Department Has pages detailing Medicare supplemental policy rates (PDF)in Connecticut; page listing companies that offer them; page with list of companies offering LTC policies including CT Partnership policies; article on mental health benefits in CT; and compilation of insurance regulations.
LINK to letter 2001 from CT Ins. Dept and CT Dept. Consumer protection re: ANNUITIES; useful when getting a client out of an ill-advised annuity purchase.
CT Legislative Commission on Aging Includes tracking reports and other legislative updates. Sign up for e-bulletins.
CT Long-Term Care Ombudsman's office CT's long-term care ombudsman talks about advocacy volunteers and fundraising
CT Partnership for Long Term Care Link forwards to a page in the Office of Policy & Management agency of CT, but the stuff is still there -- navigate the left-hand column options or this page.. More complete than the Insurance Department site; includes a wealth of statistical information on long-term care, a summary of Medicare eligibility limits for long-term care. Links to OPM "Cost of Care in Connecticut" (PDF) (change year in URL to get current year info); has prices for each nursing home AND home health agency in the state.
CT Public Health Dept. Includes page with Public Health Code and regulations. You can write to the department for their annual review of nursing homes and home health agencies, or download the nursing home book index or entire book. (PDF) The catch: the info is current only to 2011-2012. You can still check on licensure (SNF or RCH?) at
CT Rental Assistance programs RAP regulations: 17b-812-6, 17b-812-9 and 17b-812-11a.
CT State Homepage  Official state page with connections to all branches of state government
CT State Treasurer "Name it and claim it" site
Funeral Consumer Alliance of Connecticut Nonprofit group that surveys funeral homes and provides price information.  Order their funeral home survey.
Husky Health Click for eligibility criteria for all types of Medicaid: Husky A/B (children and caregivers; not asset-tested); C (aged, blind, disabled, asset-tested, but includes S05 for working disabled); and D (low-income adult 19-65 without dependent children). Link to manual of covered services for husky A,C,D. Remember that Husky B (for caregivers of children) has been limited.
Infoline We all know this but often forget. Has all kinds of information about subsidized housing etc. New website intended to be "user friendly" and a one-stop place to get information about all sorts of programs and resources. Of course the trouble with this is that it tends to have superficial information. For instance links to elderly housing bring up a google-maps linked 12-page list on (Infoline) with links to each place suggesting that a person would have to contact all of them one by one to find out if there were any openings.......
PLAN of Connecticut Nonprofit organization that will handle small special needs trusts and operates CT's only "pooled" trust under 42 USC sec. 1396p(d)(4)(c). Annual $100 membership for lawyers. They now have SOME of the essential pooled trust plan forms online; member attorneys can log in for the other forms.
Reverse Mortgage Info Low-interest Connecticut-funded CHFA reverse annuity mortgage website info -- has fees ($1,500) rate (7%) and instructions on applying. (Check AARP site for more on commercial mortgages) Try this link for a confidential calculator. - disability HELPLINKS page has legal and non-legal links relating of interest to the disabled
SSATTY page has listing of private practitioners who handle Social Security claims and appeals - elder Page with non-legal links to care providers and related services

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 (in alphabetical order)

AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons)  Alas, alas, the "mobile friendly" revolution has come to AARP. Well, a few old links seem to work; try this one on reverse mortgages. Still seems to have the report on caregivng in the US but forget about finding reverse mortgage info. If you want a calculator for reverse mortgages try THIS instead. There are public policy links to a fact sheet on Connecticut.
ABA Center for Professional Responsibility - Model Rules Although Connecticut's Rules of Professional Conduct have not yet been amended to reflect the most recent changes to the ABA rules, and so do not have the force of law, they are an important resource for Connecticut elder law attorneys.
ABA Commission on Law and Aging Includes listing of section publications; offers free e-mail subscriptions.  View articles from Bifocal, the Section's newsletter, order relevant Section publications, and download publications.
Administration on Aging (AoA) The AoA funds caregiver support programs and many other programs for the elderly. The site includes links to local agencies, other resources, and compilations of general and statistical materials. The "Elder Care Locator" is here.
Alzheimer Page Comprehensive site on Alzheimers sponsored by Washington University - St. Louis - sign on to the mailing list
ACTEC American College of Trusts and Estates Counsel. No, this is not only for those who plan for the 8-figure estate set. Includes the highly-regarded ACTEC Commentaries on the ABA rules of professional conduct and a terrific, PUBLIC, T&E links page
Americans with Disabilities Act site U.S. Dept. of Justice site, including technical assistance manuals.
Annuityshopper Now part of,this location has an immediate download of an annuity checklist and a no-contact location for getting a quick estimate of annuity costs. Commercial site - there are probably others.
Center for Medicare Advocacy  Includes information on Medicare, e-mail link to request the Center’s printed materials, a "quick screen" to identify potential Medicare coverage, articles on Medicare+Choice, and a useful chart of the various supplemental policy provisions and summary of gaps in coverage. Redesigned; the "hover buttons" mostly gone -- harder to nagvigate however.
Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living "Consumer-focused advocacy organization devoted to the needs and rights of assisted living residents." No more checklist for evaluating assisted living facilities; you have to spring $14 to order one :(
Consumer Reports Periodic consumer information on nursing homes, long-term care insurance, etc. Clients often mention Consumer Reports articles. Labyrinthine and comprehensive site created by was created by CPA Karen Stevenson Brown, also a long-term care consultant. Look here when you can't find it. Includes "links to information on legal, financial, medical, and housing issues, as well as policy, research, and statistics."
End of Life Options pages Thanks to the wonders of the "Wayback machine," this useful article from Dickinson College is still available. Includes summaries of the perspectives from numerous different religions on artificial nutrition and hydration issues as well as medical and ethical discussions. No longer online at Dickinson -- perhaps being updated? we can hope.
Families USA Families USA offers free subscriptions to e-mail newsletters and policy alerts in four areas - Medicaid, managed care, children's health, and all health care issues.  Direct e-mail link to your congressperson to send messages on pending legislation.  A valuable site for those involved in advocacy.
Fedlaw site. Or see This is now located in "The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness." Federal government site reference center. Links to the U. S. Supreme Court, all Federal Circuits, and many District Court opinions, etc.
FirstGov for Seniors
(formerly Access America for Seniors) (on
No longer seems to exist!! WHAT HAPPENED? originally developed as a cooperative effort under the aegis of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government and maintained by the Social Security Administration, this site once provided access to government services and information covering a wide range of issues (from Social Security to travel tips).
Health Information & the Law A project of the George Washington University's Hirsh Health Law and Policy Program and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this appears to be a successro to the Health Privacy Project, where I once found the links for HIPAA (large PDF) and the HIPAA regulations although no longer linked from this site! (Also see the DHHS FAQ in Q&A format). State by state summaries: The site allows you to click on a state and then see summaries of the laws on various topics including e.g. health information privacy law.
Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services Lists the annual poverty guidelines used to measure eligibility for many programs.
U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services ( Links to recent "briefings" on Medicaid eligibility policies from DHHS Office of Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, April 2005; provided courtesy of Christine I Andrew, Esq., of the Connecticut Alzheimers Association.
H.E.L.P. Non-profit organization located in Southern California offers useful "consumer-oriented" pamphlets and newsletter items suitable for clients. Also includes "Your Way," a guide to help older adults and families communicate about medical treatment desires, values, etc.
HUD Information on Section 8 / elderly housing:   Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook with separate links to separate chapters in PDF, e.g. eligibility. Links to current income limits.  2015 Income limits (PDF). (for other years change the year in the URL.) See: 24 C.F.R. Part 5 Subpart F (replacing prior regulations). Statutory authority: 42 U.S.C. 1437f. Easy-to-read summaries of insurance laws in all 50 states, plus explanations of HIPAA, COBRA rights, etc., with ample links to local sources of information.
Longtermcare Link Consumer-oriented site that gives a comprehensive look at long-term care planning, from LTCI to Medicaid planning, with links to vendors of assisted living. Written by a CLU. Now owned by National Care Planning Council Includes "Nursing home compare" information page. This is also the place to find those elusive "provider manuals." You can order in print or download. Good hunting, what you are looking for is buried deep within. (See also the unaffiliated, nonprofit "member of the family" website that tries to summarize this information with a list of best and worst. I haven't listed it separately because I'm ambivalent about the accuracy from this kind of characterization.)
Medicare Rights Center National, not-for-profit organization located in New York City; site offers direct assistance for Medicare beneficiaries and on-line versions of brochures (some bilingual).  Site now has an excellent interactive guide through Medicare copays, deductibles, and coverage information.
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) Includes fill-in form for members to sign up for participation in NAELA's unmoderated e-mail mailing list.  Whether or not members participate, they can review listserve archives through NAELA's members only page. Members are also entitled to a template-style website for $25/year, available to the public through the popular "Need an elder law attorney?" link. NAELA Bylaws now require members to subscribe to "aspirational standards." (PDF, reproduced on my site)
National Association of State Medicaid Directors Contains a map on which you click to find the "medicaid agency" website for each state, and other publications
National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR), now "National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care" Nonprofit group that advocates for nursing home reform.  Site includes address/telephone information for ombudsmen in all 50 states.  Useful fact sheets such as the ones on quality care. No longer seems to offer Nursing Homes:  Getting Good Care There, but there are copies on Amazon. The old NCCNHR site HAD a really useful "advance directive" for quality care which yours truly has restored to you, courtesy of the wayback machine. Things like what music you want in your room if you are ill / dying, what irritates you, and so on.
National Council on Aging A national nonprofit advocacy group. Includes information about long-term care insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap insurance and a list of publications for sale.
National Health Law Project (NHeLP) now "30 Years of Working for Justice in Health Care for Low Income People." Includes detailed analysis of current and proposed legislation.Offers a free e-mail subscriptions for publishing information on current issues. 
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) represents hospice and palliative care programs and professionals in the United States. Includes advanced directives for all 50 states available for download, although annoyingly you have to provide name, email and address so it's not clear how you get the directives for other states. Advanced directive forms are copyright; "reproduction and distribution by an organization or organized group without the written permission of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is expressly forbidden."
National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR) National support organization for attorneys specializing in Social Security disability law. Includes basic information on the law and the organization. Purchase the "Listing of Impairments for Adults, Listing of Impairments for Children, and the Medical-Vocational Guidelines (Grids)." Some materials are available only to members. 
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders' Association Only reverse mortgage site I could find that has a confidential "calculator" of what can be obtained by a reverse mortgage without asking for name and phone. Even breaks out ALL the fees and costs. Site says: "NRMLA membership requires signing and adhering to a Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility that commits all members, whatever their role in the process, to performing their jobs with integrity and empathy. We encourage members to look at their presentation to consumers as if they are sitting on the other side of the kitchen table."
National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC) (now Justice in Aging) NSCLC, now Justice in Aging, advocates nationwide on behalf of low-income elderly individuals and persons with disabilities.  Includes articles and legal documents on many of these topics.
Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy Component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Includes numerous surveys, studies, and analysis on health care, Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care.
Savings Bonds (TreasuryDirect) Treasury Dept. site for determining current value of US savings bonds
Social Security Administration Includes Social Security Handbook, benefit calculator, entire Social Security Act, SSA forms, subscribe to a newsletter. See also "Understanding SSI." Site of T&E lawyer Noel Ice -- contains Noel's unique and frank (!) commentaries on the retirement distribution regulations, hyperlinked -- invaluable. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page)
Veterans Administration Includes information on all benefits programs; download VA life insurance forms, Form 21-526 by which a single veteran can get an additional $90 excluded from applied income when on Medicaid; Form 21-534 for a widow.

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