Important Connecticut Public Acts of elder law interest

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<>Key provisions of 2001 DSS Implementer bill P.A. 01-02
PA-03-3 2003 Implementer
PA 05-10: "Civil Unions" Act
PA 05-197 new legislation on cremation/custodian of remains
PA 05-209 signed 7/6/05 Transferee Liability (see excerpts)
of Public Act 05-251 (HB 6940) relating to succession, gift and estate tax
PA 06-195 (excerpts) re living will / health care proxy CHANGES with explanatory document by Kate McEvoy in PDF
PA 07-02 (spousal refusal excerpt)
PA 07-116 and PA 07-117revisions to conservatorship statutes
PA 09-03 (PDF) tax provisions (starts with estate/gift tax) (PDF)