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GENERAL LEGAL RESEARCH RESOURCES and other useful tools                                     Return to Page Index

Google scholar!
Now GOOGLE has a search engine for legal research. Quoting the ABA Journal, "Case law goes back about 80 years for federal cases and more than 50 years for state cases, according to Information Today Inc. The opinions will have “cited by” and “related articles” links that take readers to other opinions and articles that will help them understand the information. But there is no citator service that flags when an opinion is overruled or called into question."
Casemaker Much more than just CT cases - many other states as well. (CBA membership required)
Chesslaw Peculiar site apparently inspired by a love of chess but this is a really hand-dandy one-page listing of links to laws in all 50 states. Like a condensed Findlaw with NO ADS.
Cornell University Law School's "Legal Information Institute" Seminal site. Direct links to court decisions -- NONCOMMERCIAL and therefore may be easier to deal with than findlaw -- no advertising.
takes a while, but there is a direct link to state statutes on the
"listing" page. Problem: SOME OF THE LINKS ARE BAD. What the....
FindLaw For legal professionals Regular site has only "user-friendly" summaries with selected links to selected laws. Professionals need to go to
Freedomlaw Contains a wealth of information to online legal research with very useful evaluation as to dates covered, etc. - included as part of a "self-help legal clinic" with an emphatically Libertarian message, however. Alas for Ayn Rand the free market does not provide anything for free, and that seem to be the case with
Hieros Gamos A "comprehensive law and government portal" sponsored by Lex Mundi, an association of law firms.  Includes international law.
NO LONGER has a link to state laws. Use Justia or Cornell.
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (LII 2003 ed.) by Peter W. Martin Once again we can thank Cornell University for bringing information to the public -- including the writers of law review articles -- gratis. Seems very thorough although whether it would comply with the latest Blue Book requirements I cannot verify.
All US/state law by jurisdiction!
US and State statutes!
Best new thing: is a site after my own heart: "Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Justia's mission is to advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society. We are especially focused on making primary legal materials and community resources free and easy to find on the Internet. The company provides Internet users with free case law, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blog and twittterer databases, as well as additional community resources. Justia works with educational, public interest and other socially focused organizations to bring legal and consumer information to the online community." All right!
Law Guru A general source of state and federal law.
Legalbitstream Comprehensive TAX law research. Indispensable.
Finding lost clients Not strictly legal but useful.
Mapping (not strictly elder law! :)) - (or it goes to -- INTERNATIONAL maps, esp. U.K. and europe (to think I once thought of this as a NEW site). (the OLD standard replaced by google, but beware in remote areas) is now part of (some of the satellite shots are pretty old) -- not exactly maps but my son would never forgive me for omitting this!!! download the cool software -- "the world's geographical information at your fingertips."
Tim Takacs' Bookmarks (as they were on dec. 24, 2010) Now-outdated collection of Elder Law websites by Tim Takacs. This is on Tim's "old" website -- his official website is consumer-friendly and full of useful advice for clients, but doesn't have the lawyer-friendly stuff. My guess is that some point this will go off-line entirely. I can appreciate how hard it is to maintain a list of links!
Translation tools (use with grain of salt and some knowledge of context!) (to be continued) babelfish is now part of bing-- compare to google! . This can be very funny if you translate poetry, but helpful if you just don't have the vocabulary -- is there anything they can't do? Why didn't I invest in Google? Same caveat -- the best way to use this is to translate from English to the other language and then back again. If you know the language a little, you can fool around substituting words until back and forth seems to work out.
The Wayback Machine
Not strictly law-related,but an archive of web pages no longer available.
If that article you love seems to have disappeared, you may find it here in time to save a copy.

SELECTED SEARCH ENGINES                                                                                                      Return to Page Index

Yahoo Google - remember it searches PDFs! Google - why use anything else??!
(P.S. they do NOT pay me.)
Lycos Excite Duckduckgo
(Mozilla!!! privacy protection!!)

Clusty - groups search results into categories - not search engine exactly but same idea.

ELDER LAW RESOURCES -- OTHER STATES                                                                                         Return to Page Index
  (in alphabetical order) especially see
All US/state law by jurisdiction!
US and State statutes!
Justia's mission is to advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society. We are especially focused on making primary legal materials and community resources free and easy to find on the Internet.
Cornell: state statutes Still has the state information but some of it is old, etc.
the link to the left is to the sorting by subect -- here is the link for the
access to it by jurisdiction.
Cornell: other state case library Don't forget the Cornell University law library as a resource for other state information
CA law: CANHR California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (has MMNA figures etc. for "Medical")
FLA law: Website of Attorney A. Lipman - "Snowbird" guide - via Wayback machine (may be out of date).
MA law:  MANAELA Site of the Massachusetts chapter of NAELA.
NY law, various:  NY firm Goldfarb & Abrandt's page, - same vintage as but got there first.
Get quantities of NY Medicaid information from the
state website or view other NY state publications.
NY law:  Brookdale Center on Aging Hunter College, City University of New York Site.  Provides list of of Brookdale publications (numerous brochures and studies on gerontological issues, comprehensive information on New York Elder Law issues) available for purchase. 
NY Surrogates Court Surrogate court forms; link to NYC Surrogates' courts
NYS Partnership for Long-Term Care 2009 map of New York nursing home rates by region. Useful because even if you find out the region's "average monthly cost of care," this helps the out-of-state reader figure out which regional rate applies, because it shows the actual counties. Articles on numerous topics but includes thematic maps showing percentage of households with someone age 65+ for each county using year 2000 census data. Map showing nursing home rates nationally seems to have disappeared.
FLTCIP Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program -- the "secure" page (https://) includes a tool to give you the cost of care in your region. Click here. If that doesn't work, go to the https:// link for the home, click on Frequently Asked Questions, then "basics," then "is long-term care expensive" (#4) then click on "cost of care in your area."
Kiplinger tax map Click on map for tax info. (Disable ad-blocker if you don't want to pay a subscription.)
State-by-State Medicaid penalties For historical perspective: click to see a listing of "divisors" for purposes of computing penalty periods -- current to early 2004. From the Elder Law Answer Book 2nd edition, 2004 supplement, Robert Fleming and Lisa Davis authors. I hate to say this but if you want the entire list of updated divisors from APS (Cheryl Fletcher) you can write to her, or buy the Elder Law Answer Book 4th edition from Wolters Kluwer. Knowing penalty amounts is a lot less important post-DRA.
Ombudsmen Interactive map to locate nursing home ombudsmen in all 50 states, from NCCNHR..
Uniform Laws Two sites: the official National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (gets you to state's version of uniform act), and the U. Penn. Law School site that has more detailed history, drafts in progress, etc.
State tax forms Federation of Tax Administrators - tax forms for every state
Deed preparers ABA Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section list of attorneys willing to take deed preparation cases from out-of-state colleagues.
Other countries Wake Forest University Elder Law Clinic site for elder law resources in other countries (Kate Mewhinney)


INTERNET MAILING LISTS                                                                                                                        Return to Page Index

Caution: the following information is reproduced for the use of members but has not been reviewed (as of 1/2012) for accuracy. Please provide feedback to Lisa Davis. Thanks. It is a bit hard to verify whether these are still current. Some lists have been around for a long time and may have switched over to online forums. (Fora?)

Discussion lists entitle the subscriber to post, and receive, messages on the list topic on a recurring basis.  In some cases, the subscriber can choose to receive messages in a block or "digest" format.

In general, unless otherwise noted: To subscribe, leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message type "subscribe [name of group] [your first/last name]."

You cannot post to the list unless you are subscribed to it.  Posting to a list to which you are not a subscriber may result in the message simply disappearing, or being returned to you.  "Mail to" links are included for the convenience of those who are already subscribers.

 List Subscribe to: Post to (if subscribed to the list):
CT Elder Law Discussion Group:  Unofficial discussion group for CT attorneys representing the interests of the elderly. Curently operated by yours truly. MEMBERSHIP IS RESTRICTED; your identity / business address will be provided to all participants on a periodic basis. If your e-mail makes your identity obvious, if you used to be on the list and aren't any more or unsubscribed, if I know who you are-- Send a blank message to

If not/not invited: send a REQUEST to and/or me at with your name, firm (or other association), and address.

You can check the archives on the site if you have subscribed with a yahoo i.d. Click here for
ELDERABUSE (by permission only) Write to list manager, Lori Stiegel, at Your request must include all the following information in the body of the message: your e-mail address, your name, your profession, a statement of your interest/expertise in adult protective services/elder abuse, the name of the organization for which you work (if applicable) and its address, and your phone number so that you can be contacted in the event of an e-mail problem.
ELDERBAR (Law and Aging Network) (by permission only; usually only bar section leaders, legal services persons responsible for advocacy, etc.) Write to the ABA Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly,  SEdelstein@STAFF.ABANET.ORG, for permission  ELDERBAR@ABANET.ORG
NAELA mailing list (unmoderated; you must be a NAELA member) YOU MUST BE A NAELA MEMBER - subscribe with your password and userid on the NAELA website

You can also check the
archives if you are a member of NAELA even if you don't subscribe to the listserv. You will be asked to log in.
ABA Tax Section; membership in section not required - yet.
Searchable archive)
Subscribe as directed on or, send the following message:  "SUBSCRIBE ABA-TAX <Your Full Name>" with no subject line to LISTSERV@MAIL.ABANET.ORG ABA-TAX@ABANET.ORG
ABA Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section; membership in section not required - yet.  Searchable archive)
Subscribe as directed on or, send the following message:  "SUBSCRIBE ABA-PTL <Your Full Name>" with no subject line to LISTSERV@MAIL.ABANET.ORG ABA-PTL@ABANET.ORG
(covers Americans with Disabilities Act and related issues) 
(VOLUMINOUS email support group for patients, care givers, researchers, others)
Send the message:
subscribe ALZHEIMER
(Forum for bioethics law scholars) 
(Deals with geriatric health care from an interdisciplinary perspective) 
HEALTHLINK Chatlist sponsored by Families USA Send to the following message (with a blank subject line):  "subscribe"   
(discusses research relating to policy on long-term care issues)
Send to the following message (with blank subject line):  "subscribe ltcare-l" 


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E-mail news subscription lists are not "discussion lists"  but rather, simply subscriptions to news services.  The subscriber will periodically receive bulletins from the list manager, usually one a week or so, but subscribers do not post to the list.

Subscription List  How to subscribe
Social Security Administration E-news (Notification of important changes and other updates from SSA) Go to SSA's website e-news page and select various topics, give your e-mail address and you are subscribed
DRS E-News 
(Notification list from the Department of Revenue Services)
Send sign-on request to the Department of Revenue Services
IRS e-news -- various The IRS has a host of notification e-bulletins. Go to the e-newsletter page and sign up.
NAELA e-bulletin -- formerly the Elder Law e-Bulletin (originated by Tim Takacs). Includes links to news items available on-line of interest to elder law practitioners.  Distributed to NAELA members as a member benefit. No longer available to non-members. Archives and current edition may be viewed on the archives page.
Families USA "Action Alert" List.  (Notification of important legislative issues as determined by Famlies USA.) Sign up on the page -- there is a button.


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