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Tri Yann - woefully unknown in the United States, this Breton folk-rock group spans the early 70's to the present, with a discography that includes some of the finest Breton/French folk music going.  Their enthusiastic fans range from teenagers to children of the '60's.  As early liner notes explain, they hail from "Bas Bretagne," eastern Brittany closest to the rest of France, so that many of their songs are French in style as well as in language, rather than Breton.  "Tri Yann" or "3 Jeans" (as in the French for "John") really 3 Jeans and a Bernard, originally: 

Bernard Baudriller - vocals, strings of various kinds, irish flute 
Jean Chocun -- guitar, banjo, bass, sometimes accordion 
Jean-Paul Corbineau - lead vocals, guitar, electric guitar, harmonica 
Jean-Louis Jossic -- bombarde, dulcimer, flute, etc. 

Joined later by: 
Gérard Goron - percussion, dulcimer, mandolincelle, bass 
and later still by:
Christian Vignoles -- synthesizer (and probably responsible for the more heavily produced numbers of the 1980's)

(with  yet more personnel changes, but the more recent CDs apparently feature the original members returning to produce spectacular concerts -- check this biography, in French, courtesy of one of their labels, Declic).

And all singing exquisite harmonies, rich baritones with the irresistible sound of the French language. 

Partial Annotated Discography (oldest to newest)
(if there's no comment, it's because I haven't heard it yet)

(for the complete and official discography, click here:  discographie)
Les Prisons De Nantes "An Naoned" Polygram 1972, CD reissue 1997 Mercury France - many excellent tracks including a french version of "The Dolphin" and a somewhat humorous rendering of "Ye Jacobites" in the manner of the Corries' version.  Lineup:  original 4.
Dix Ans Dix Filles (LP Phonograph 1973, Marzelle CD reissue) - Not their best, some of it laughable to English speakers.
Suite Gallaise (LP 1974 Phonogram, CD reissue Marzelle).  A fine album including the wild "Lundi Mardi Danse," the well-known celtic tune "Cad E Sin Don Te Sin," and the haunting, chilling "Complainte de la Blanche Biche."  Original lineup.
La Découverte Ou L'ignorance (LP Polygram/Marzelle 1976) -- wonderful stuff here, especially "Princes Qu'en Mains Tenez."  With the original lineup of Jean-Louis Jossic, expanding his repertoire to cromorne/bombarde, Jean Chocun, Jean-Paul Corbineau, and Bernard Baudriller.  A wonderful LP with the usual rich, illustrated, and historically informative liner notes.  I haven't seen the CD yet.
Urba (LP Phonogram 1978, CD reissue Marzelle).  They are described as practitioners of "le folk progressif breton."  This CD ranges from medieval instrumentals, a compelling a capella track, "Les échevins de Nantes," with thrilling harmonies, to produced cinematic numbers such as "L'Aimante a la Grand'Messe."  Flawed, but well worth the purchase for the best numbers.  The original four joined by Gérard Goron.
Belle et Rebelle -- haven't seen this yet!
An Heol A Zo Glaz//Le Soleil Est Vert (Phonogram 1981, Marzelle CD reissue) Bernard Baudriller, Jean-Paul Corbineau, "Kiki" (Christian Vignoles), "barzaz" (Jean-Louis Jossic), "Gé-Gé" (Gérard Goron), Jean Chocun, Pierre Yves Valais de la Croix de Beauchene, pictured on the back with the producers
Café Du Bon Coin (LP Phonogram 1983, CD reissue ?)  Bernard Baudriller, Jean Chocun, Jean-Paul Corbineau, Gérard Goron, Jean-Louis Jossic, Christian Vignoles.  More produced lush numbers.
Anniverscene (Phonogram 1985, Marzelle CD).  A live album, which can go from horrific disco to exquisite harmonies.  Jean Chocun, Bernard Baudriller, Jean-Louis Jossic, Gérard Goron, Jean-Paul Corbineau, and Bruno Sabathe.
Le Vaisseau De Pierre (LP 1988 Polygram; issued on CD 1998, Mercury France).  "Gwerz fantastique contemporaine nouvellement composee d'apres le recit de Pierre Christin et Enki Bilal au sujet d'evenements fabuleux mais pourtaint veridiques qui se sont deroules a trehoet entre le 13 et le 16 fevrier 1988."  arrangements Tri Yann 2.  Jean Chocun, Jean-Paul Corbineau, Gérard Goron, Jean-Louis Jossic, Bruno Sabathe, Louis-Marie Seveno, Christian Vignoles, and various others.  The 4 don't seem to be playing as many instruments, having delegated to the other add-ons.
Talents Du Siecle V.1/Master Série V.1 (Greatest hits compilation, Polygram 1998)
Talents Du Siecle V.2 
Le Milleur De (Polygram, 1998)
Le Meilleur De 2 (Polygram 1997, Germany)
Inventaire Vol.2 (Déclic 1994)
Portraits - Enregistré A L'Abbaye Royale De Fontevraud  (Déclic 1995)
Tri Yann en Concert (Déclic 1996)
Tri Yann & L'orchestre National Des Pays De La Loire (Declic 1998)
Veilee Du 3'Eme Millenaire [BOX SET] 1998
Tri Yann - Master Série (Polygram 1999)
L'essentiel Live 1996-98 (Déclic 1999)
Grands Succes Enregistr.. (Netherlands, 1999) Live recording
Vol 2. Masters (not yet released - 1999)
Pelegrin (2000) (significant Irish influence)

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