Planxty The incomparable Planxty [unfinished]

Planxty are: 
Christy Moore
Donal Lunny
Andy Irvine
In 1978: Matt Molloy
Liam O’Flynn Originally from the Bothy Band
(then Paul Brady in 1974)

Sometimes:  Tony Linnane, Bill Whelan (now of 
Riverdance fame)

For a taster, this is a quote from another site whose author knows more 
about this wonderful Irish folk group (now 25 years gone!) than I do:

"Planxty came about in 1972 when folk singer Christy Moore gathered a 
bunch of musicians for his upcoming album Prosperous. From this 
grouping, Moore, along with traditional uilleann piper LiamO'Flynn, 
Dónal Lunny and Andy Irvine, formed Planxty (the name refers to a tune 
composed for a patron,particularly associated with O'Carolan). Their 
first eponymous album, known generally as the "BlackAlbum" for it's 
cover art, stands as a landmark in Irish folk music, mixing authentic 
traditional music, withthe fire of modern folk, and the ballad singing that 
the likes of the Dubliners and the Clancys werepopularising. The 
harmonies and counterpoint of the group were relatively new to Irish 
music, whichtraditionally had been based on solo melodies. The singing 
of Moore and Irvine was backed by O'Flynn onuileann pipes and 
whistles, as well as guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and bodhran."

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Discography:   See also

1972   Planxty  Polydor 2383186     Shanachie 79009 
1973   The well below the valley  Polydor 2383232     Shanachie 79010
1974   Cold blow and the rainy night Polydor 2383301     Shanachie 79011
1976   The Planxty collection  Polydor 2389397     Shanachie 79012
1979   After the break  Tara 3001
1980   The woman I loved so well  Tara 3005
1982   Words & Music WEA Ireland 2401011 Shanachie 79035 
1972   Three drunken maidens EMI
1972   The cliffs of Doneen  Polydor 
1981?  Timedance/Nancy spain [12"] WEA IR28207