Al Stewart Not a pop phenomenon of the 70's, a cool-eyed chronicler of history and human frailties, 
a whirlwind guitarist, a man in love with words.  His work spans thirty years, from early confessional songs written in London, to less personal songs often describing historical events, particularly since his relocation to the United States in the late 70's. 
Check out:  the official site at
Charlie Hulme's great and informative site.
Ian Cooper's site with downloadable MP3 tracks otherwise unavailable

Sad to say, I can no longer make the statement once posted here that "his friends and fans are his best 
endorsement."  He has an active mailing list (to which you may subscribe by sending the message 
"subscribe al_stewart" to "").  However, while the list on its better days is a lively "cocktail party" discussing the finer points of Russian railway gauge measurements, World War II history, the life story of Warren Gamaliel Harding, French wine, or the relative merits of American or English cider, "when it is bad it is horrid."  That is, a few very loud voices with a fondness for extreme and intolerant remarks tend to drown out the rest.   Hard to imagine that Al would endorse these views.