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OK folks, here it is, and it is not pretty. They do not make it easy for you, but it can be done.

  1. Go to:

  2. On the left-hand side it says "sign in." Click on"Click here to register."

  3. A page pops up in which you fill in information. You choose a name (mine was annieandlukesmom) and password, and provide information. In my non-legal opinion, you are free to say you are a 22-year old tuba player from Hawaii, if you wish.

  4. FILL IN THE ITEM that asks for "alternate e-mail" by giving the email by which you are registered with the group.

  5. Fill in everything else and then "submit the form." They may ask for an alternative name, etc. but eventually, they will tell you you are now "registered" and will send an email to that effect to your "alternate email address."

  6. You are not done yet, alas.

  7. "Sign in." If it isn't obvious where, you can always go back to, or even

  8. Click on "Account Information" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  9. They will ask for your password again, which you give them and then click "continue."

  10. Click the little "edit" box on the "Member Information" line.

  11. The screen that pops up will should your "alternate email" that you provided. Click on the link that says "Click here to verify."

  12. Click "send email now."

  13. Go to your usual mailbox.

  14. Find the message that was sent. The subject line will say "Yahoo email verification code." (The original message welcoming you to Yahoo is NOT this email and can be ignored).

  15. The message I received said "if you cannot click on the message labeled "important" paste such-and-such in your browser. Mine did NOT have a mesage with a link labeled "important."

  16. So I did as I was told and pasted into my browser a URL that included a "verification code."

  17. Up popped a page that asked for my Yahoo password. Provide the password and then click on "verify."

  18. You should be told that "verification is complete" and had me "return to Yahoo."

  19. If you started at, you should get back there. If you started at, you would click on the link for "groups."

  20. Type in your password.

  21. You will STILL not see CTElder listed!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. SO, click on "my groups."

  23. Then go to "find my groups." or "find my memberships."

  24. It should show your actual email address, the one you gave as alternate and then "verified."

  25. Click on looking for groups you belong to with that address. ("continue")

  26. CTElderDiscussion should show up!!!

  27. And now you live happily ever after. Any time you go to and "login," it will show, under "My groups" in the left-hand corner, the link for the page for CTElderDiscussion.

  28. Click on the link for CTElderDiscussion. And there you will find everything back to July 2001.